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How responsive are you to your customers?

Posted on: October 30, 2013

Smartphones are no longer considered a novelty; they are actually how people are accessing information about all sorts of things. For example, we have 9 people in our office, all with landlines yet when Yellow Pages arrived 2 weeks ago to give us copies, no-one wanted a hard copy – we all access phone numbers using the web.

And when we do access info on the web using our smartphones, it’s a pain if the website isn’t responsive. It’s hard to navigate and find the info you need as the pages don’t fit or display properly, so many people will leave and go to another site instead.

We don’t have the exact stats for overseas visitors, but a year ago 30% of kiwis had smartphones. Now it’s closer to 60%, and all signs are that it will continue to grow.

See the graph for the change in smartphone penetration into some of key markets for visitors to New Zealand.

By making this change now to your website, you are future-proofing it – your competitors will be doing it so you are best to get in early and be seen by your customers as being on the case.

The team at BECK & CAUL can help you make this change – just give us a call or drop us an email and we’ll help you get the jump on your competitors.

smartphone penetration

Base: Total population
Note: No data for NZ in 2011

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