Auckland Dockline Tram.

Fresh from the experience of branding and promoting The Christchurch Tram, BECK & CAUL was asked to get the new Auckland Dockline Tram on the rails. Running round a loop through the developing Wynyard Quarter near Viaduct Harbour, the Auckland Dockline Tram sees heritage tramcars return to Auckland for the first time in many decades.

BECK & CAUL came up with the name which was endorsed by Auckland City Council and then developed the brand and all the associated promotional collateral, stationery, tickets and advertising to get the project rolling.

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Auckland Dockline Tram Logo

Auckland Dockline Tram Brochure Design

Auckland Dockline Tram Ticket Design

Auckland Dockline Tram Commemorative Ticket

Auclkand Dockline Tram Old Photo

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