Ed Hopper Cafe & Bar.

More and more cafes and bars are opening in Christchurch and now there is a delightful new one in the Windmill Centre off Clarence Street in Riccarton. Formerly a technical bookshop, Ed Hopper is now a fully licensed cafe and bar, open 7 days as well as Thursday, Friday & Saturday nights until late. Sometimes with light jazz to entertain you.

Ed Hopper is one of BECK & CAUL’s preferred regular coffee establishments, so we were on the spot to become the logical choice for commissioning the rebranding and repositioning from bookshop to cafe and bar. This included new signage designs, business cards, table talkers, beverage menu and promotional flyers. Drop in, chill out and meet great hosts John, Linda and staff. Cheers!

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Ed Hopper Cafe and Bar Signage

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