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Are Your Webpages Up To Speed?

Speed is now a landing page factor for Google Search and Ads - But what does that mean?

When a potential customer lands on your website they expect to have a straightforward experience. Perhaps they are booking in a service, buying a product or looking for information. The website has to present all of this in a way that makes it easy for the user as well as at a speed that is not annoying for said user.

If you head to PageSpeed Insights and input your own homepage you will get an idea of what Google thinks of your pages speed.

Of course, not all web pages will be fast or very slow, and it is worthwhile running the test at least twice; but statistics show that a slow loading page will impact if the customer stays or goes and will lead to Google deciding your Google Search Ads are not worthy of that first Google page top spot.

page speed stat

So if you have a lower than average score, contact the Beck & Caul team and we can help as part of our SEO package.

But if you are wondering what is making your page move at a turtles pace it could be one, or a mixture of all the following

  • It’s just an old website – Websites need to be updated every 3-5 years not only because of developments in web design but because Google uses age as a factor for if the website is fresh and fast.
  • Mobile Unfriendliness – As more web searches are done via mobile devices, Google is now seeing a websites mobile speed as one of the most important factors in deciding quality.
  • Unused or underdeveloped code – As a website matures some backend code might become redundant or might be missing key components.
    Sometimes this code can’t be fixed without destroying the whole site, but sometimes a little change can go a long way to gaining speed.
  • Images and videos –  A real catch 22 situation here as images and video are what make your site eye-grabbing, but they can also seriously impact the pages loading time. Recently Google has wanted images to be in jpg2000 format, so expect video to one day have a new improved format too.


Again no website reaches a 100 page ranking speed (One of our pages has a 93 desktop speed, but is only ranked 64 on mobile speed!) but you should aim to have nearly every web page in the 65-95 range.

Every millisecond could have an impact on the customer thinking “Should I stay or should I go

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