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In 2019 we designed and developed websites for the Restaurant group Bar Bar Black Sheep, and their popular restaurants; You Hanoi Me, Louis Champagne Bar, Red Light District and The Athens Yacht Club.

All four restaurants’ websites share the same refined layout and navigation, yet stand entirely on their own through their signature colour schemes and unique dining imagery.


We designed YouHanoiMe’s website with the aim to align it with their mantra of bringing a modern twist to traditional Vietnamese cuisine. Therefore, we mixed traditional typefaces with a luminous shade of magenta pouring throughout the website.

Louis Champagne

When we designed Louis Champagne Bar’s website, we knew this had to come from a place of sophistication and elegance. The stunning photography of their food and wine brings each page to life, encapsulating their Euro-chic vibe and exquisite menu on offer. Hence why we chose to include gold as Louis Champagne Bar’s brand colour!

Red Light District

Themed around a Chinese opium den, the website we designed for Red Light District uses oriental-style typography and a lot of moody photography of the low-lit cocktail bar. Their signature colour of red is stamped across the website and naturally highlighted in almost every image.

Athens Yacht Club

Our design of The Athens Yacht Club website combines the essence of Greek culture and comfort, with modern illustration and sleek typography. Overall, the website design incorporates the rope element of the logo in more areas such as in some exterior photography and in a pattern-form along the footer.

We chose Beck & Caul for the development of our five websites as we loved how they offered the in house expertise in both web development and design. We found a lot of companies say they can “do it all” but the reality was they were outsourcing parts of the project, something that didn’t sit well with us as it can cause issues later on in a websites life.

The B&C team is very agile and as a client you can see they all work in well together to get the job done. As happens with a lot of projects the parameters change during the project and in my experience you can be “penalised” for this – instead the B&C team worked through it with us and we overcame all of these changes with no hassle.

Having that in house creative touch also meant our brands stayed on point and in fact were enhanced in many ways.

I highly recommend the Beck & Caul team for any design or website work you want done no matter how big or small.


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