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The Importance of Brand in a Covid-19 World

Over the past few weeks, the importance of brand strength has been showcased. Those with the budget to do so have fought amongst themselves to prove their worth and remain forefront of customers’ minds, even when many could not actually provide a service or product. This is because recall and reputation matter, even when a customer is not actively using your product. Remaining visible through dormant times will ensure you are front of the pack once the ‘norm’ resumes.

Utilising reputation and brand image has long been a pivotal tactic in the strategy of many, from small start-ups to large corporations, what people say and think about you matters. At the moment, authenticity is more key than ever. New Zealand is currently favouring a think local approach to shopping, being encouraged to support their own and be more conscious over where they choose to place their business. Those companies who have spent time building ties with their local communities and promoting the ethics behind their decisions to source locally were one-step ahead in this trend.

So what would the average Joe in the street say about your business? What would your customers say? How do you influence it? Here we will run through a few top tips on how you can shore your business up against future uncertainty by building a loyal following and kick things back off with a bang.

Create Worthwhile Content
We’ve all spent a LOT more time than usual scrolling through Instagram and delving into blogs over recent times, but how much rubbish did you have to wade through before something resonated? If you are going to play in this space, make it worthwhile. Think about what your audience wants to hear from you or fill a gap that you have noticed needs filling. Solve problems, encourage interaction and keep on brand. Social media offers an instant opportunity to utilise inspirational content to entice travellers, top tips for foodies and fashion FOMO or more. Content planning rather than seeing what happens will ensure consistency, relevance and value.

Join the Conversation
Organic publicity through guest blogging, panels, webinars etc. will make you a part of relevant conversation and a trusted voice in the field. Joining the conversation on other platforms also allows you visibility amongst an audience that is not just your own.

Encourage the Conversation
When researching an item, service or destination, people are becoming ever more reliant on reviews – especially when they are from a stranger! People are becoming savvy to influencer marketing and sponsored blog posts and, while these still most certainly have a place, this opens the door for the value of good old customer service and products speaking for themselves. Encouraging your customers/clients to leave reviews for you on Google My Business or Facebook will certainly help build your reputation and influence those in the market to convert. Running competitions for reviews is a great way to push these numbers up. Not sure if you have a Google My Business or how to utilise it properly? Get in touch and we can check for you and talk through the best way to set one up.

Building on your brand and its reputation is a must, especially in the current climate. Knowing exactly who you are and where you want to go is the foundation to this. Putting in the time now to firm up your strategy, goals and how to get there will carve you a path to follow and making the steps along the way easier.

We offer workshops tailored to meet your needs. From full brand, marketing and creative strategy to finance and corporate structure planning, we have you covered.

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