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What’s Needed to Build a Great Website

At Beck and Caul, we have been designing and developing websites for years (It's our 20th anniversary this year – Wow!) so we understand what is needed to create a website that not only fulfils a client’s needs but also looks great and gets the job done. And we are here to tell you that it is all down to the brand.


    • Understanding of the brand
      Whether we are talking about a business that has been around as long as Beck & Caul or a new start-up, understand the brand’s personality, its elements and the fundamental who, what, why type of answers; is the crucial first step in figuring out the design and development of a website, what it needs to achieve and how to make it different from competitors.


    • UX & UI
      These website design terms mean User Experience and User Interface. In many ways, they are one and the same, though crucially they both help in making sure the website adheres to brand guidelines and that visiting users can complete key actions.
      So with good User Experience design, for example, a person can always find the information they need and the checkout process is simple and understandable enough that it will not cause issues for them or for the businesses own systems. Then with good User Interface design, you want to make sure the website has the best mixture of colours, fonts, layout, white space and the brand itself to really make a lasting impression.


    • Engaging Imagery
      For many, the brand is all to do with graphic design imagery, so making these be of the highest quality as well as being engaging is a must to draw in potential customers. From your logo to those glamour shots of products and staff, these need to be well integrated with the site and also cross over to your social media pages, print material or enewsletters so you are telling one cohesive story.


    • Excellent web copy
      Knowing the brand and the final website’s design will of course also have an impact on the website copy.
      But more than that, the website copy needs to be Search Engine Optimized, so you can compete against key competitors on Google. After all, what’s the point of having a fantastic website but zero engagement.
      Web copy also plays a role in the success of any Google Ads you run as the closer the ad copy matches the website copy the more success you will have at hitting the number one spot on Google search.


    • Don’t forget the ongoing costs
      Ok, not everything is to do with the brand, as you still need to set up some tech to have the site running. Hosting, buying the domain and having an SSL certificate are all bits and bobs that usually have an annual cost.
      Depending on the type of site you are running as well, you may want to buy an eCommerce store (Shopify) a CRM system (Salesforce) and CMS (Drupal), many of these also cover the costs for hosting, domain and SSL.


After that – Tracking how users use the site and an ability to make small changes based on data and customer feedback will keep your website up to scratch. However, after 3-5 years, websites do tend to look outdated as designs and website capabilities evolve. So you may want to plan for a complete refresh.


If all of this is still confusing Beck & Caul has a wealth of website and branding experience to make your online presence be top of the line. So drop us a line if you want to find out more.

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