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Brian James Trailers – Raising Brand Awareness & Sales In New Zealand

Brian James Trailers are prestigious trailer manufacturers based in the UK and their NZ team wanted an elegant website that could bring the trailers to life for kiwi race car enthusiasts and commercial trailer users.

Not only that, we had to make sure the website design and development matched the international brand, whilst also giving visitors all the necessary details on trailer types and features. So, what followed was a close partnership between us and their team; as lead Debbie Gordon said –

“Brian James Trailers NZ worked closely with the team at Beck and Caul to produce our Brian James NZ website.”

“Their insight into website design, and turning our ideas into realisation, made the process easy, as we required a website that was, for our clients- simple to use, have the right amount of information and be sharp in colour.”

“Beck and Caul are continuing to help us evolve the site with new ideas. They are very much part  of the Brian James Trailer Team.”

That was not the end of the story though, to get the word out to motorsport car owners and commercial trailer users what followed was an on-going Google Search Ads campaign, aiming at key search-terms as well as in-market and affinity audiences alongside a Search Engine Optimisation campaign to improve the sites overall organic rankings.

Key stats for the whole year of 2020 include –

  • Website – 11,988 user visits (60% being via paid ads), 43,935 pageviews, 4,033 goal completions.
  • Google Ads  – 507,000 ad impressions, leading to 7,510 clicks to the website and 58% of these visitors completing key goal conversions.
  • SEO – Via the SEO tool Moz, the website ranking sits at 6.2% (competitor average is 5.4%) with website visits jumping up by 29% and goal conversions doubling when compared to the first 6 months.



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