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Eco Gard – Google Ads & Digital Marketing

Whilst Eco Gard biodegradable plant protectors were making waves in print, at events and on social media, there was a feeling that the Google Ads were not performing effectively - That's when Beck & Caul stepped in.

The Eco Gard story started when 12-year-old Julia noticed ​plant protectors were made from plastics and decided to do something about it. With her parents’ support and with the acclaim of winning an award for her 100% biodegradable design they decided to set up an e-commerce site and make a mark in this small competitive sector.

Google Ads were set up to bring in potential customers searching for terms like ‘plant protectors’ but it was noticeable that the return-on-investment was poor. So Beck & Caul got involved to help them reach their full potential.

Our first assignment was to improve data collection, making sure we could track users from clicking the ad to completing various website tasks like multiple pageviews, flipping through the FAQ’s and going through the entire order process to checkout.

We also knew the product could work well as a Google Shopping Ad, so we got to work setting up a Google Merchant Center account which did lead to an interesting problem as Google’s own algorithm believed that the jute bags were something completely different to plant protectors and thus not allowing any ads to run, but we solved it in the end.

On top of this, we set up and started the ongoing month-to-month tasks from reviewing ad copy to testing bidding strategies, checking keyword search terms and making sure all-in-all the ad budget was being spent wisely. Plus we were able to assist with a run of Facebook and Instagram ads targetting those who could be potential customers.

Eco Gard Google Search Ad

When we look back at the updates we made and the impact, Eco Gard saw an increase in users by 47% and page views by 26%, Google Ad visitors increased by 3,000 and transactions increased by a healthy 68% when comparing to the previous period.


And looking at the Google Ad stats themselves, the ads pulled in a total of 220,000 impressions and 5,700 clicks.

So if you would like to make a commitment to a sustainable future, plus grow a few trees in the process search for ‘plant protectors’ and pick Eco Gard!



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