Glacier Country
Untamed Natural Wilderness

We worked with Glacier Country to refresh their website, through designing and developing a modern, interactive representation of the region and all of the unique experiences it has to offer.

Making use of
the incredible imagery on offer

We couldn’t create their website without displaying Glacier Country’s breath-taking videos of their adrenaline pumping activities mixed in with their luxurious, more relaxing videography.

We thought it was important to showcase their reel of spectacular Instagram images along the footer of the homepage, and to provide downloadable maps of the regions to ensure the website contains everything visitors need all in one space.



Working to utilise the Glacier Country’s wide range of spectacular activities, we incorporated rustic-style illustrative features, simple navigation and modern typography.

The colour scheme was developed through understanding and highlighting the real colours a Glacier Country visitor would witness when travelling through any part of the region. These were icy teal blue, polar white and rocky greys.

Our Role