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Halswell Commons – Event Promotion

Beck & Caul had the opportunity to run a special digital marketing campaign for a Halswell Commons Open Day, a thriving and growing subdivision. As well as designing the creative, we ran the ads for 18 days until the eve of the event in November 2019.

A key strategy point was spending a larger portion of the budget at the start of the campaign as

  1. With the higher budget, we would reach a larger portion of our key targeting audience
  2. It would then give this larger audience the opportunity to plan and add the date to their own diaries.
  3. Plus we could then continually retarget the audience reminding them about the event; and as we noticed the day was meant to have fantastic weather, we were then able to use this within the ad copy.


Key stats include 240,000 Google Advertising impressions, with 577 clicks, whilst on Facebook & Instagram 51,456 impressions and 1,584 link clicks. Both channels lead to an extra 1,800 website visits compared to the previous 18 days and 1,000 completed website goal conversions.

Overall we reached a key audience who not only engaged with the ads but also visited the website. Plus the event was seen as a big success with 150 cups of coffee and 190 sausages given away – A good metric for any fun daytime event.


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