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New Location, New Look – Graphic Design & Brand Creation

When it was decided that Sockburn Primary School would relocate to Wigram, the school faced far more changes than the physical relocation alone. With the new location came a new name and the need for a new brand and revitalised feel.

With a Principal at the helm ready to embrace the opportunity to breathe a new lease of life into the school, the B&C team set to work on creating a brand that symbolised the core values of the school and communicated their message.

The school is well known for their impassioned values, which happen to list as the acronym ‘heart’. With these values listing hauora, explore, aspire, respect and taonga, we graphic designed a symbolic logo weaving in Māori heritage and fundamentally promoting that this is one school with a heck of a lot of heart!

Wigram also wanted a character symbolic of their values that would resonate with the pupils, a visual aid that would help express their message – with a touch of fun too, of course! With the school utilising the slogan ‘Te Piki Kahu’ in their logo, the B&C team worked on developing the character ‘Captain Kahu’. With five stance options available to personify each of the school’s values, ‘Captain Kahu’ has become a friendly face amongst pupils, parents and teachers alike.

Navigating a new school can be a daunting experience, with the need for simple yet clear pointers a must. Looking to continue with weaving the schools themes through all visual aspects, we played on the learning hubs names to build signage themes. Utilising native birds, feathers and a whole lot of colour, the school represents a fun space with added thought in even the simplest of areas.

We also worked with the school’s contractor to ensure the schools vision is evident from the moment you arrive, including the graphic design of the formidable concrete sign at the entrance.



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