The new zealand agricultural show
a 156 year old brand...

Known as the Canterbury A&P Show for 156 years, the Canterbury A&P Association decided it was time to look to the future and rebrand the large-scale event.

Fresh brand launches a new era for The Show

A 'must do' event in Christchurch for many generations of families, this evolution is a really important step for an iconic event.

The logo identity brought four symbolic concepts together as one: the ploughed lines of a field, an aerial grid of farmed land and the iconic fair/show windmill, held together by a modern take on the rosette ribbon to symbolise performance, prestige and history.

A digital overhaul

Once the brand was established, a new website was design and developed. One of the main things the site has to cope with is the high amount of editing the admins of the site do on an ongoing basis.

The website also allows for online application for competitors and exhibitors which also in turn streamlines the admin side of the Show.



The project was brought together with a TV commercial featuring real competitors and personalities shown in Show character, but set in their everyday settings.

The videography and photography components of this project were shot over two days at locations sourced by Beck & Caul. We came up with a great conceptual narrative and worked with a fantastic videography & photography crew to bring the whole story to life.

Our Role