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Purse Strings – Branding, Graphic Design & Website

Purse Strings is a new, luxury handbag hire service that has the most extensive collection of designer handbags available in New Zealand. Over the last little while, our client has amassed an impressive collection of designer handbags and we are so lucky she wanted to share them with us all!

With our client wanting the complete branding package, our first priority was to come up with a name. Something elegant, simple and feminine that could also hold its own next to the huge designer brands our client wanted to showcase. Purse Strings hit a sweet spot and it was settled on.

Deep, jewel-toned teals paired with gold were decided on for the brand, giving a high-end, luxurious look. The gold logo sits beautifully with the deep teal colour palette and brand textures and makes the brand feel effortlessly elegant. In keeping with the theme of luxury, a monogram was crafted to offer an extension to the logo suite. The monogram captures sentimental meaning for our client as it also represented hers & her husband’s initials.

We wanted to make sure that the Purse Strings clientele would have a beautiful brand experience upon receiving a hired handbag. So, we designed tissue paper to carefully wrap the bags in, gold stickers to seal the wrap, branded ribbon to wrap around the custom-made, linen, dust bags and a thank-you card with helpful information for the recipient. It’s little touches like this that can really pull a brand together and add to the experience a customer has with you.

Working closely with our fabulous photographer enabled us to capture clean, stylish photography of the Purse Strings handbags. Getting the right shot is an important part of any branding assignment but for Purse Strings the shots had to exude elegance and sophistication to match the huge designer brands being represented. The photoshoot provided beautiful imagery to not only to showcase the handbags on the website but to be used across social media also.

For the most part, Purse Strings is an online presence, so of course the last step was to design a beautiful website. Not only did they need a website that looked the part, but they also needed a website that would be easy to navigate and use in terms of booking and hiring the handbags. Our web developer and designer worked closely with our client to ensure that all requirements were met and that the booking and shipping process would work seamlessly to ensure a premium customer experience.


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