Waimakariri District Council
New kerbside collection brand

Waimakariri District Council recently rolled out their kerbside rubbish collection service in the District. Beck & Caul were responsible for the branding of the service as well as a number of rollout items once the brand was determined.

Rolling out the new identity

This included brochures, posters, collection truck decals and a ‘how-to’ style guide for using the brand (for WDC internally) and a ‘how-to’ guide for residents using the collection service itself.



We used the punchy colours of red, green and yellow to represent the services so the messaging around recycling, organic collection and rubbish was a clear as possible for residents.

We also loved the logo options that didn’t progress. Among them were illustrated characters, custom drawn lettering and simple phrases on posters to help educate thought processes around correctly throwing an item away.

Our Role