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Westmorland Heights – Google Advertising

Westmorland Heights a residential development on the slope of the Christchurch Port Hills looked to Beck & Caul to not only develop the website, flyers, signage and maps but to also run a Google Advertising campaign to pop up and reach out to those searching for brand new homes with amazing views.

Over a period of one year with Google search and display ads we reached 3 million ad impressions, leading to 17,000 website visits and 700 key website conversions.

To make sure the monthly ad spend was being used effectively to reach these type of numbers, it was key that the tracking of website engagements from the number of pages viewed to downloads of PDF’s was set up correctly and that we pre-planned to build up remarketing audience lists to increase our ability to reach out to those who have already engaged in small or big ways with Westmorland over and over again.

Month by month we reassessed the search and display ad copy, looked at what search queries or websites these ads appeared on and made sure that the target bidding options we selected gave the best return on investment. We then went further by looking at the actual user experience and journeys on the Westmorland Heights website. Optimizing the website by running tests in changing webpage copy, photos, colours and placement of buttons, to fundamentally drive conversions and phone calls.

Overall, the work we did helped to keep Westmorland Heights busy throughout the year and crucial aid in the sale of sections with beautiful views.


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