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Windsor Urban – Website Design & SEO

The team at Windsor Urban tasked Beck & Caul with quickly designing and developing a new look website for them after parting ways with a long-term supplier.

What started as ‘just a website’, quickly transpired into co-ordinated photography shoots at various locations around the city and in-studio, and also the design of new data/spec sheets for many of their lighting options. Transforming how the Windsor Urban brand sold its New Zealand identity and products. For example one of their most popular urban lights, the Palmerston (formerly the Ely) was to feature throughout the site and is a feature light in many locations across the country.
Once launched it was then imperative that the new website gained a digital marketing boost to be at the top of search engine rankings and compete against competitors who used to have more up-to-date websites.

For 3 months, we tracked and ran a Google Advertising campaign leading to 24,100 impressions, 796 clicks and 150 key website conversions from time spent on the website to office phone calls. This was run in tandem with doing Search-Engine-Optimisation edits of website content to highlight 10 keywords that the organisation wanted to rank highly for organically (urban lighting, bollards etc. ), so after the Google Advertising they could still rank highly for key online search queries.

Looking back, this SEO work is still having a positive effect on the number of organic impressions the Windsor Urban website makes on Google. With there also being an overall increase in organic clicks month-on-month and the website goal conversion numbers still being strong.


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