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Future Digital Marketing Trends to look out for

The Digital Evolution… Are You Ready? If we were told 15 years ago that digital marketing would be where it is at today, would you have believed it? Could you have comprehended it?

Apps, search advertising and email marketing are all trends that have become standard in digital marketing, yet, would have made little sense in 2005.

The growth of the digital space shows no signs of slowing down and possibilities for the future seem limitless. Here are a few developments that have piqued our interest and could become common usage by 2035. Who knows, you may even be using these tactics to reach your customers.


Let’s start with something you might think is from a dystopian science fiction film – the ability for companies to target individuals with ads due to their brain or nervous system activity.
This type of marketing would not mean installing a chip in your body just yet (though some people have already done that). People are already having their eye movements tracked or are purchasing smartwatches that are able to monitor body activity and the surrounding environment…
A perfect example of a potential future ad is that your smartwatch would note that your body temperature is high and that it is a hot day, so magically an ice cream ads pop up.

Visual search

It has long been possible to upload an image onto Google to find similar imagery or the exact location of where the image was sourced.
Recently, however, companies like PinterestBing and Google have developed a search function so you can find and buy the products featured in the photos you take.
Imagine you find some great curtains hanging in a shop that to are a little out of your budget. Instead of typing out the make, length and colour in the hope of finding it in one of the many search results, just snap a photo and scroll to find a similar image/ product automatically. As if we needed an excuse to online shop!

Browser Push Alerts

Browser push alerts have quietly taken over the internet in 2019 and are likely to hit big in 2020. They have various benefits, for both customer and businesses, that outdo social media and email marketing channels. From being cheaper to set up, having quicker engagement rates and involving less personal data, they offer a way of sending out short sharp messages to already keen customers.
One perfect way to utilise them is to push out last minute ‘only for the next few hours’ deals.

AI & Machine Learning

We are still in the early days of Artificial Intelligence reaching its full potential, especially when it comes to digital marketing and automation. It is a complicated field that relies on BIG data. However, it is extremely likely one day you could easily be using AI to chat to customers, create personalised website experiences and target key customers across different channels.
In fact, if you are currently running any Google search or display ads you are already using AI/machine learning when it comes to reaching out to those labelled as ‘in-market audiences’.


The possibilities are endless and the future of digital marketing is an exciting field to watch. The key factor, with today’s available tools and those of the future, is to choose what is right for you rather than trying to keep up with it all. Choosing the right lanes for you and doing them well will ensure you reach the right customers with an authentic and correct message. Want to chat more about what you are doing currently or should be exploring next? Give us a call, we are happy to chat AI over a flat white (…Or just start with remarketing, whichever you would prefer).

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