Karsten Architectural Design

Karsten Architectural Design Ltd. is made up of an extremely skilled bunch, known for their ability to finish cohesive projects with a natural elegance.

It is only fitting they have a website to match then, eh? With a basic website in place that did not truly portray the creative flair and solid expertise of the Karsten’s operation, Beck & Caul set to work on helping the guys build a site that was a true reflection of their offering rebuilding their site from the ground up, focusing on seamless foundations which allowed their work to do the talking.

With a stellar library of stunning imagery, we were spoilt for choice in picking for this one. With the website simply needing to be a touchpoint for their customers, with project imagery proving their worth, simplicity was a key component for Karsten.

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Level 1, 443 Colombo Street,
Sydenham, Christchurch 8023

PO Box 7043, Sydenham,
Christchurch 8240