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Digital + Web Services

Digital Marketing + Website Design & Development

Reinvigorated your company’s website design, developing a brand new lead-generating site or increasing brand awareness and bringing in new customers via SEO, Google Advertising & social media marketing.
The B&C team have the skills and experience to bring your digital presence together and put it in front of the right people online.

Digital Marketing

Digital Advertising

We can advertise your brand and business on Google and social media channels effectively by not only getting the messaging right but also making sure you use the right budget, creatives, and targetting and tracking options.

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Ensuring your website and business is visible to quality organic traffic is a must if you are going to increase brand awareness or sales. Competing in this area can be a minefield, one we can help you navigate.

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Digital Marketing

A key part of a modern communications strategy includes connecting with key customers and users often via social media channels, e-newsletters, website and apps. We can combine this activity alongside any paid advertising campaign or just your day-to-day activity. We also offer training so you can grow it organically yourself.

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Digital Strategy

For any digital activity to reach its full potential, you must have an integrated strategy across all of your digital platforms. Having access to results and an ongoing review and optimisation strategy is also key. B&C is able to do it all.

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Social Media Management

Not only can we create dynamic engaging social media ads for your business, we can continually create dynamic and engaging content for your social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram & Twitter. Or we can train you to get the most out of these channels.

Email Marketing

The customers you have ongoing communications with via email are the most important. We can make sure your office email signatures, your monthly e-newsletters and on-going automatic emails shine.

Website Design & Development

Website Development

Whether it is a website for a new business or a website that needs a refresh, making sure that customers can seamlessly complete orders or enquires is as important as the design.

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Website Design

For customers, a website provides not only the first impression of a business but also the on-going impression of a business still in operation. So you have to make sure its design represents your brand in the best possible way.

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Copywriting & Visual Content

We can develop the written content of a website to engage visitors and fulfil SEO parameters, plus source/create images or video to bring your website to life.


We develop mobile applications for the major two platforms, iOS and Android. We can design and build a superior mobile experience that is a perfect fit for your users as well as your business.

Hosting, Domain, SSL & API

We can set up your website domain, manage the hosting of your website and arrange your SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificate to always be up-to-date.
Alongside any API (application programming interface) development and integration necessary to seamlessly mobilise your data across complex systems.

Google Analytics & Website Training 

Not only can we set up all the analytical tracking so you can understand the website’s performance we can also train your team to understand the data and to update the website’s content.

Digital with analytical minds + heart

Digital marketing & website strategic thinking.
Need your brand to be alive online?

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