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Why SEO Matters in Christchurch

Search Engine Optimisation,
Local Organic Rankings +

Ensuring your website is visible to quality organic traffic is a must if you are going to increase brand awareness or sales. Competing in this area can be a minefield, one we can help you navigate.

What is Search Engine Optimisation?

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation improves the visibility of your websites organic search engine rankings.

This is done by improving a website’s content whether it be fixing technical crawler issues or  rewriting content to include key search terms.

Why is SEO Important?

By appearing higher in search engine results you will outrank key competitors, whilst also improving the quantity and quality of website visitors.


Improving your organic search engine rankings will in the long-term increase and keep stable your first-page position on Google and the quality and quantity of free website visits.

SEO also plays a role in making sure that paid ads perform effectively. The best ads link to webpages that already have strong organic rankings.

Local SEO in Christchurch

Improving your local search engine rankings in Christchurch or Canterbury will mean that when potential customers search for the type of service or product you provide your business and brand will appear high on the first page of Google and as a top result on Google Maps.

What can Beck & Caul do?

Fix any technical issues that could impact a search engines ability to crawl your website effectively.

Select key search terms that you should rank highly for and work them into your website content

Rewrite website content to be engaging and generate ideas to bring your website to life

Improve your local search engine rankings against key competitors

Improve the number of quality websites that link to your site

+ More

Website Development & SEO

Read how the development of a new website for Windsor Urban also included key SEO edits

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