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Steering Your Business Through the Unknown

The way in which you run your business will have changed significantly over the last few weeks. With teams working remotely and employees juggling children, work, motivation and even our tail-wagging friends; daily life has been heavily impacted.

Work plans have changed and planning for the next few weeks, let alone months, has become somewhat of a daunting task. However, the actions we take now will ensure we shore up our future once we have weathered this storm. As we know, our ways of working are set to remain in the ‘new normal’ for the next few weeks, so we have taken a moment to reflect on what we have learnt so far and what we will be doing differently over the next wee while.

Communication is Key

Consistent and concise communications in crisis are important, not just to your customers, but to staff too. Of course, important updates will need to follow a more regulated means of communication, however, there are plenty of tools to ensure you and the team stay connected…And can even partake in the odd virtual Beer Friday too! From Zoom to Google Hangouts to Slack to Trello, there are plenty of free and available services to utilise to share work, fire creativity or just host a chat.
Next up, your customers. You likely have a valued customer database and an EDM platform you use to keep them in the loop; you may even have an EDM strategy in place…If so, perfect. If not, now is not the time to be making inauthentic moves. How many companies have we heard ‘are there for us’ during this time…Wearing a little thin? If you do operate a more extensive communications plan, it is likely you have changed messaging and tone to remain relevant and not be seen as tone death. Keeping your brand at the core is key, it is ok to have personality and be helpful…Who doesn’t love knowing how to make a Big Mac at home, share that info! This time has certainly been a learning curve in communications for us all. If you need a second opinion, or some pointers on your next moves, get in touch.

Focus on Finances

This one may be a little obvious with cash flow the only thing on many of our minds at the moment. However, it is more important now than ever to ensure you are managing cash flow efficiently and have a plan of attack for the next stage. Constant communications with your accountant, financial director or your bank will ensure you are consistently up-to-date in an ever-changing business landscape. If you did not have a contingency plan in place, it is not too late to have a chat with someone about how you can survive the next few months and protect yourself should you face similar challenges in the future.

It is also important to keep up to date with the latest financial support our government is offering. What you are entitled to may change and keeping on top of it could help you survive. For many of us, this new information is outside of our normal scope, and can all become a little confusing. Ask questions, find support and don’t be afraid to speak out. Many places are offering free consultations on financial advice, find the right one for you and utilise the opportunity. Our financial team are also on hand to offer advice and will happily talk through your concerns and goals.

It’s Ok to be a Little Off

Let’s face it, this new normal is a little unsettling and it is ok not to be on top form every day. Encourage friends, employees and family to keep active, take breaks and not to be too hard on each other. Find time each day to do a little something for you, whether it’s morning yoga, an Instagram worthy baking sesh (we hear this beer loaf is pretty popular), or a 20-minute sweat session…Find what works for you. Working from home can be tough, and if you do need a little more support, take a look at allright.org.nz.

Plan for the Future

As we roll into winter and the crisis continues to saturate every form of media, things may feel a little bleak. Yet, unlike many click-bait headlines may have us believe, it will pass. The world was set to change after the earthquakes…But here we are. We can do this. You can do this. So, planning for the future and remaining positive is a must. As restrictions start to loosen and things begin to return to a more recognisable form of normal, everyone is going to be fighting for their share of voice…Have you got your message prepared? With a little time on your hands, putting various plans in place now will ensure you are ready to hit the floor running.

Whether you need support with financial planning and advice, marketing and communications strategy or a website refresh…Let’s chat. The Beck & Caul team are offering free one-hour consultations to help you discuss your options and get plans in place.

So, drop us a message today and we will set something up….We will bring the ideas and you will need to bring your own coffee!

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