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Websites are the online shopfront for business. Beck & Caul can make sure that your site makes an impact and lasts

What is Needed for a Website

Website Development

Not only should the website work 24/7, but it should be easy for a user to navigate and understand, so they can complete key goals

Website Design

Your website has to live up to the brand 100%. Design isn’t just to do with the creative visuals but also the layout and the written content

Hosting, Domain and SSL

These are the ongoing costs for making sure your website is available to all. Hosting concerns where the website is stored, domain is your web address and the SSL Certificate is all about making your site secure

Measuring Success

Once your website is up and running that is not the end of the story. Analyzing how users arrived to the site, their actions and how we can improve that user journey are crucial steps for ongoing success

What can Beck & Caul do?

Create a new website, developing and designing from scratch and making sure it fits your business

If you think your website is looking a bit vintage
we can redevelop and redesign the site to look fresh

Sort out and keep on top of the ongoing hosting, domain and SSL Certificate costs

Analyze the content and user journeys to then improve the site’s search engine rankings or reach via paid ads

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Website Design & Development

See how we designed and developed a modern, interactive website representing an NZ region at its best and all of the unique experiences it has to offer.

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