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Which Social Media Platforms Should A Business Use – Part 2

Social Media is part of our lives and with that comes an opportunity to promote and advertise your business.

Here’s the second of a two-parter on how can you best use social media to reach key audiences and increase brand awareness, whilst also considering which ones would be a waste of time for a business like yours.

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YouTube – Definitely use

You need to have at least one video on YouTube as part of your own YouTube channel.
As YouTube is part of Google, this profile will help with your SEO rankings, hopefully with the video appearing alongside any brand name Google search results. So make sure it is a good brand promo video, one that is redone every 3 years or so, due to the evolution of camera technology and ad formats.
Many people also go to YouTube to find answers, so creating a few short videos that give some guidance on how to use the product or how you provide a certain complicated service can help to entice potential customers.



Just a quick note that having profiles on social media platforms can play an unnoticed role in your Search Engine Rankings. Though the regular posts on your Facebook page would not appear on Google search, having an active presence, having other pages or communities linking to your website and linking to your own blogs or shop products will help raise the general ranking of your website. A rising tide will raise all ships type of thing.
Plus you would want your Facebook page itself to appear in Google search alongside your website when people search for your brand name, as many potential customers might prefer to check you out on that platform first.

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Still, confused on how to reach the best potential customers and fans on search? Or do you need the assets to bring your brand to life on YouTube? – Get in touch with the team


Pinterest – If you have products

Pinterest allows people to pin different images or websites to boards depending on their interests so others can view, re-pin or go onto visit the website. This makes Pinterest into its own search engine; especially if you deal in gifts, health and beauty, fashion, home and garden type of products. But even if your business sells a very mundane product like exhaust pipes, it could still be quite useful to have an account and linking to each product on your own board.


Snapchat & TikTok – Targetting young people, wanting a plethora of content, being ahead of the crowd.

Snapchat USP is short mobile video content and in many ways so is TikTok. Both have been the biggest platform increases in recent years and have led Facebook, Instagram and Twitter into copying their services via ‘Stories’. so in many ways, you don’t have to bother with being on Snapchat or TikTok.
However, if you are aiming for a younger audience or if you want to be more inventive with your mobile content then you really should hang out where the young kids are (god I seem so old saying that). And if you want to do it right without being seen as out of touch perhaps get the youngest person in the office to run the account!


Clubhouse & Stereo – If you want to get into audio

The newest social media platforms making waves are building on the success of podcasts. Via these apps users can listen in to conversations, interviews and discussions from the top celebs, influencers or knowledgeable people.
If you are someone who thought your business could have tonnes of video content due to your service or products, but you never had a high-quality camera to make it worthwhile, well perhaps now you can turn it into an audio experience.

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