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Which Social Media Platforms Should A Business Use – Part 1

Social Media has taken over our lives and with that comes an opportunity to promote and advertise your business.

Here’s the first of a two-parter on how can you best use social media to reach key audiences and increase brand awareness, whilst also considering which ones would be a waste of time for a business like yours.


Facebook – Definitely

60% of New Zealanders are on Facebook, it is easy to reach key customers and you can always put a little money behind a post to expand your audience. Two key things –
1) It was interesting that due to the covid lockdowns, many people went to Facebook to double-check if a business was operating, so post regularly to show you still exist and include photos with your posts to make them more vibrant.
2) Your Facebook posts might not get the likes or reach you want, and this is because Facebook would really like you to spend money. You can either boost posts when you have important news to followers and their friends, or you can get more targetted by using Facebook’s Ad Manager allowing you to target based on a range of demographics and interests.

Still, confused on how to reach the best potential customers and fans on Facebook? Or do you need the assets to bring your brand to life on the platform? – Get in touch with the team

Instagram – Perhaps

Insta is owned by Facebook, so you can easily make your Facebook posts appear on this platform. But I would suggest you make it different – Be creative with photos, video and stories of staff, your products and day-to-day life plus post often; which depending on the type of business you run (or the quality of phone camera you have) might be difficult.
However, if you are aiming at a younger age and have an image ad, it is a lot easier to be seen and engaged within Instagram then it is on Facebook due to having far less different ad placement options.

Linkedin – Yes

Whilst it is worthwhile setting up a business page, LinkedIn is the platform for getting your own name out there within the sector. You can link with current staff, or those you worked with back in your early 20’s and as you know the degree of separation in NZ is very small it is likely you can find a key future connection via this platform.
Post at least once a month with a business update, or a link to a relevant news article or something mundane that fits into a LinkedIn business mantra. But the most important action is to add one or two connections, a way of slyly getting your business name out there and building your career.


Twitter – For Organisations, Individuals & Customer Support

You need to grab attention on Twitter mostly with your words instead of imagery. And that’s why it works for funny people, those who are making a point and organisations like government departments or charities.
It also works well as a customer support channel, but the strangest thing that has happened with businesses on Twitter is that they have become personalised and self-aware. This is most clearly seen in the fast-food sector with them posting thoughts, comebacks and tweets not really connected with anything to do with their product.


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